Standing auxiliary cushion device (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 36(cm)Width, 38(cm)Depth, 5.2 / 8.2(cm)Height, 2 / 5(cm)Cushion Thickness

Net Weight: 3.5kg (Without Cushion)

Weight Capacity: Light green: 40 - 50kg / Orange: 50 - 60kg / Blue: 60 - 70kg


Product Description:

1. Aluminum frame, polyester waterproof processing cushion cover, polyurethane foam cushion.

2. Seat angle: 0 to 35°.

3. Easy to install and easy to use.

4. The seat surface pushes the buttocks through the lever action on the front of the accessory, making it easy to stand.

5. It can reduce the burden on the knees caused by the user standing by himself.

6. Can effectively reduce the nursing pressure of nursing staff.

7. At the same time prevent back pain in the caregiver.

8. Available in different weight cushion options, available in light green, orange and blue.

9. Made in Japan.

HKD $4,580

Width 36cm
Height 5.2 / 8.2cm
Depth 38cm
Cushion Thickness 2cm / 5cm
Net Weight 3.5kg
Weight Capacity 40 - 50kg / 50 - 60kg / 60 - 70kg

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