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Maki - Lightweight wheelchair (Japan Parallel import)

Product Size: 98.5(cm)Length, 38(cm)Width, 89(cm)Height, 39(cm)Backrest Height, 40/42(cm)Backrest Width,  43(cm)Backrest Depth

Net Weight: 13.5KG


Product Description:

1. Aluminum alloy frame, light and portable.

2. The rear seat is equipped with a laterally adjustable tension band. Adjust the shape of the back of the user to reduce back pressure.

3. Thicken the cushion and back pad. Effectively reduce the pressure on users when using.

4. Available with foldable back function. Easy to storage and place in the trunk of the car, saving peace.

5. Equipped with a brake (drum brake), which can directly brake the rear wheel to reduce wear on the rear wheel.

6. The pedals can be adjusted up and down for people of different heights.

7. Foamed long armrest for added comfort.

8. 15 cm front wheel, 40 cm rear wheel. Lightweight design makes it easy to turn in tight areas.

9. Inflatable rear rim, which effectively reduces jitter when traveling.

10. The back handle of the wheelchair is designed to be conical. Make it easier for caregivers to grasp.

11. There is a back pocket behind the back pad for easy storage of objects.

12. With rear struts, it is easy to cross the steps.

13. Seat belts are provided and do not need to be purchased separately. It is safer to use.

14. Japanese brand.

HKD $2,380

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Length 98.5cm
Width 38cm
Height 89cm
Backrest Width 40/42cm
Backrest Height 39cm
Seat Height 43cm
Net Weight 13.5KG

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