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Air Titanium Aluminum Lightweight Wheelchair

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Product Size: 64(cm)Length, 43.5(cm)Width, 83(cm)Height, 35(cm)Backrest height, 35(cm)Backrest width, 35(cm)Seat height, 39(cm)Seat width, 34(cm)Seat depth, 20(cm)Armrest height, 10(cm)Pedal height

Net Weight: 5.5KG

Weight Capacity: 100KG


Product Description:

1. Air titanium aluminum alloy body frame.

2. Can be lifted after the armrest, the rear wheel brake body configuration.

3. Collapsible, light, and portable.

4.  Equipped with a safety belt to ensure the safety of users.

5. You can check in as hand carry baggage when you are taking on the fly.

6. It is especially suitable for use when traveling with the elderly.

HKD $2,800

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Length 64cm
Width 43.5cm
Height 83cm
Pedal height 10cm
Backrest Width 35cm
Backrest Height 35cm
Seat Width 39cm
Seat Height 35cm
Handrail Height 20cm
Seat Depth 34cm
Net Weight 5.5KG
Weight Capacity 100KG

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