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"Conlo"Lightweight and Portable Fashion Wheelchair

Product Size: 89(cm)Height, 34(cm)Backrest Height, 42(cm)Backrest Width, 38(cm)Backrest Depth

Net Weight: 9.3KG

Weight Capacity: 120KG


Product Description:

1. The wheelchair frame is 7003 aerospace titanium alloy, and the new flat tube plastic process is lighter than the general aluminum alloy frame.

2. The wheelchair is foldable, lightweight and portable.

3. The arc back is designed to fit the waist support for more comfort.

4. Humanized standing hand brake with self-locking brake.

5. 5" PU front wheel and 12" PU rear wheel (No need to inflate), wearable and durable.

6. High-quality fabrics, custom printed.

7. Also available in black fabrics.

8. Passed JIS certification.

9. Japanese brand.

HKD $3,250

Height 89cm
Backrest Width 42cm
Backrest Depth 38cm
Backrest Height 34cm
Net Weight 9.3KG
Weight Capacity 120KG

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