Fully Automatic Multi-Function Electric Wheelchair

RA-MFEWC (450型)

Product Description:  

*Stand Assistance Function – Transfer the wheelchair from sitting position to standing position.

*Lifting Function – Adjust the seat height with the range of 220mm/450mm (Depending on the model)

*Entertainment Function – The seat can act as a rocking chair by changing seat angle within a certain range periodicity.

*Seat Tilt Adjustment – Adjust the angle between the seat surface and the drive base.

*Backrest Adjustment – Adjust the angle between the backrest and the seat surface. (0 ~ 150°)

*Leg-rest Adjustment – Adjust the angle between the leg-rest and the seat surface.

*Rotation Function – Electric seat rotation allows the seat surface to rotate 90° or 180°

*With 90° rotation, passengers can get on/off the wheelchair from the side easily and move laterally.

*The seat rotates 180 degrees, and the wheelchair is changed to front-wheel drive mode (front-wheel-drive mode has stronger ability to overcome obstacles)

*Front/Rear Wheel Drive Modes – Switch between front/rear-wheel drive modes to satisfy all road conditions.

*Self-Balancing Function – Automatically adjust the seat angel to keep the seat surface horizontal.

*Obstacle Crossing Ability – Can easily overcome uneven surface.

*GPS positioning function (restricted by an area of ​​use)

*Remote control operation wheelchair (optional)

*The armrest and controller can be turned back and stored.

*Foot pedal length adjustment and locking, people of different heights can be locked after adjusting to a personal comfortable position.

*5/8 inches (Front-drive wheel) 8/12 inches (Rear-drive wheel) 

*Color LCD multi-function control panel, clear and easy to use (voice system optional)

*The Product has passed ISO13485 and CE standard certification.



*Total Length 853-916

*Total Width 683

*Total Height 1078-1140


Structure Parameters

*Seat height above the ground 480-575

*Seat Width 400-480

*Seat Depth 400-480

Rear Drive Wheelbase 635

Front Drive Wheelbase 690


Performance Parameters

*Minimum Turning Radius 0.9m

*Minimum commutation width 1.4m

*Ultimate climbing ability≤12°without self-balancing function

* Ultimate climbing ability is less than 20 degreeswith self-balancing function

*Front drive obstacle clearance height20~80,Rear drive obstacle clearance height 15~40


Other Parameters

*Maximum load 100kg

*Maximum speed 4.5-6km

*Driving mileage 20/35/50km

*Battery capacity 10.4~15.6Ah

*Charger 2A/4A

*Drive Wheel 8/12 inches 

*Universal Wheel 5/8 inches

*Voltage/Frequency 100~240VAC 50/60Hz

*Charge output voltage DC24v-2.0A

*Output power 50-300VA

More details

HKD $118,000

Length 853 - 916 mm
Width 683 mm
Height 1078 - 1140 mm
Seat Length 400-480 mm
Seat Width 400-480 mm
Seat Height 480-575 mm
Seat to ground height 480-575 mm
Maximum Speed 4.5 - 6 km
Travel Distance 20/35/50 km
Seat Height Adjustment 220 mm
Weight Capacity 100-150 kg

*Remote control operation wheelchair video 

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