Ultra-Light Foldable Electric Wheelchair (Standard Version)

Product description:

1. The mainframe is a magnesium alloy frame, which is lighter and stronger.

2. Unfolded body size: 90 x 57 x 86 cm / Folded body size: 62 x 57 x 48 cm

3. The left and right armrests can be turned back, and users can get on and off the wheelchair according to their personal habits. Not blocked or disturbed by the handrail.

4. Two 180W DC brushless motor / voltage DC 24V.

5. Use electromagnetic brake system, more sensitive and stable.

6. Horizontal road braking: ≤1.0m (Standard Version) /≤1.5m (Deluxe Version)

7. Lithium battery 10Ah (Standard Version) / 20Ah (Deluxe Version) only needs to be charged for 8 hours to fully charge the battery

8. Endurance mileage: 15km (Standard Version) 28km (Deluxe Version)

9. Maximum speed: 4.5km / h (Standard Version) / 6 km / h (Deluxe Version)

10. Portable charger power AC 100 -240 V 50 – 60HZ

11. Maximum load: 100kg


1. Hidden wires in the whole car, more elegant.

2. When the electric wheelchair is not in operation, the system will automatically shut down after 10 minutes. Save electricity.

3. The single-pole push-pull handle can open and closes the wheelchair device, which can be operated safely and easily without obstacles with only one hand without difficulty.

4. Adopting non-pneumatic Front Wheels: 7.5 " rubber tire and 8" hollow rubber tires, driving more stable and safe

5.  Removable nylon cloth cushion and back cushion for easy cleaning.

6. The backrest can be adjusted with tight belt design, adjust the tightness according to personal needs. In order to achieve the best comfort.

7. The maximum climbing ability is 12 degrees

8. Turning radius ≤100 cm (Standard Version) / ≤120 cm (Deluxe Version)

9. Obstacle clearance height 2.5cm (Standard Version)) / 4cm (Deluxe Version)

10. The vehicle weighs only 21kg with a 10Ah lithium battery and only 17kg without batteries

11. Detachable portable lithium battery, convenient to charge the battery independently

12. Lithium battery 10Ah (Standard Version) has obtained MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and can be portable on airplanes, which is convenient for travel

13. The Product has passed ISO13485 and CE standard certification. Batteries have obtained MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) quality assurance, confident choice


Quality assurance:

1. The mainframe is guaranteed for 3 years. (On the basis of non-human damage)

2. The motor is guaranteed within 2 years. (On the basis of non-human damage)

3. The controller and battery are guaranteed for 1 year. (On the basis of non-human damage)

HKD $12,885

-HKD $4,295

HKD $17,180

Length 90 cm
Width 57 cm
Height 86 cm
Seat Width 40 cm
Seat to ground height Front Seat: 51 cm, Rear Seat: 48.5 cm
Seat Depth 41 cm
Net Weight 21 kg
Weight Capacity 100 kg

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