Electric folding wheelchair

Product Size: 87(cm)Length, 61(cm)Width, 92(cm)Height, 40(cm)Seat width, 40(cm)Seat depth

Net Weight: 23kg

Weight Capacity: 120kg


Product Description:

1. Hang titanium alloy frame, aluminum alloy with high hardness, good wear resistance, lighter and more durable than ordinary aluminum alloy.

2. It is easy to carry and fast to fold. It can also be easily lifted by women. The width is only 26cm after folding, which is close to the size of an ordinary suitcase.

3. Real-time positioning, setting safety zone, wheelchair access area, the app immediately alert, reminding safety attention.

4. Double motor drive, the more obstacles climb the slope, the motor is not easy to heat, the service life is long, and it is more efficient and energy-saving.

5. 6-inch front wheel, 8-inch rear wheel, high-quality PU tires, strong and durable, wear-resistant, more flexible, easy to drive, can be rotated 360 degrees in situ, able to cope with all kinds of pavement assembly.

6. Portable storage bag, convenient for users to carry items out to meet daily needs.

7. The rear anti-skid wheel is specially designed to protect the user's safety in case of dangerous situations such as climbing.

8. Can be carried on the plane and subway.

9. SOS emergency call, when the wheelchair user encounters an emergency or a danger, you can use the number set by the SOS call to call for help.

10. User-friendly joystick, intelligent universal controller, manual electric free switching, waterproof, anti-radio interference.

11. The lithium battery is not affected by the ambient temperature, it has long-lasting electricity storage, is light and compact, and is easy to carry.

12. The sports car type opening and closing door design have flexible armrests for users to get on and off the wheelchair.

13. High-quality soft seat cushion for comfortable ride and ergonomics.

14. Single battery, charge for 5 hours and walk for 20km.

15. Available in black, silver, pink, yellow, blue and red.

HKD $19,800

Length 98.5cm
Width 61cm
Height 92cm
Seat Width 40cm
Seat Depth 40cm
Net Weight 23kg
Weight Capacity 120kg

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