Wheelchair footboard guard (Parallel Import) View larger

Wheelchair footboard guard (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 45(cm)Length, 15(cm)Width


Product Description:

1. Synthetic rubber material.

2. The wheelchair pedal support guard is designed to prevent injury to the back of the wheelchair pedal when the wheelchair pedal is turned over.

3. For elderly people with weak muscles and weak immunity, skin injuries can cause serious injury.

4. This mat protects the front of the footrest on which the foot is placed.

5. The surface is made of non-slip material, which is difficult to slip even when wearing smooth socks.

6. Put 1cm thick polyurethane foam on the back, even if it collides with the leg, it can absorb the impact and cause protection.

7. It is 45 cm long and 15 cm wide and can be installed in most wheelchairs.

8. Adjustable with hook and loop fastener according to the width of the foot pedal.

9. Available in both versions with and without handles.

10. With the handle to prevent the caregiver and the user from causing back strain under inappropriate conditions, the foot pedal can be easily lifted by the handle with the handle.

11. Japanese brand.

HKD $794

Length 45cm
Width 15cm

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