Wheelchair outdoor storage bag - "Sagisaki" View larger

Wheelchair outdoor storage bag (Parallel import)

Product Size: 38(cm)Width, 38(cm)Height, 9(cm)Depth

Capacity: 4L


Product Description:

1. Nylon material.

2. Can accommodate a large number of items when going out.

3. The built-in small storage bag has 3 transparent pockets and 1 opaque pocket.

4. Installation method can be used by simply placing the hook on the back of the wheelchair.

5. If you remove it from your wheelchair, you can use it as a regular tote bag.

6. Available with a black dot pattern and red dot pattern.

7. Made in Japan.

HKD $310

Width 38cm
Height 38cm
Depth 9cm
Volume 4L

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