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Product Size: 21(cm)Width, 38(cm)Depth, 65 - 86(cm)Height adjustment, 25.5(cm)Bag width, 14(cm)Bag depth, 37(cm)Bag height

Net Weight: 2.6kg


Product Description:

1. The body is made of an aluminum frame.

2. Even the compact body design, equipped with large-size wheels, easily through a variety of road surfaces.

3. Press the button on the handle to adjust the handle height by 5 steps (65 - 86cm). The user can adjust the height according to the physical condition of the day and the amount of baggage.

4. Because it has a brake, it is safe even when the heavy luggage is downhill (maximum load 6Kg).

5. Parking brake lock, the parking brake can be locked by simple operation by pulling the brake lever and lifting the lock lever.

6. 2WAY casters, easy to operate the lever allows you to freely select the direction of the caster from either the left/right 45° swing or the fixed caster.

7. The spacious shopping bag opening makes it easy to place or remove items, and it is bulky and has a maximum load capacity of 6Kg.

8. Side pockets with 500 ml plastic bottles or folded umbrellas on the side and back pockets on the back for B5 size documents.

9. There is a rain cover, so you don't have to worry about getting wet when you use it in the rain.

10. Available in black, navy and wine red.

11. Japanese brand.

HKD $1,766

Width 21cm
Depth 38cm
Adjustable Height 65 - 86cm
Bag width 25.5cm
Bag depth 14cm
Bag height 37cm
Net Weight 2.6kg

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