Walking shopping dual-use shopping cart (Parallel Import) View larger

Walking shopping dual-use shopping cart (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 38.5(cm)Length, 22.5(cm)Width, 58.5 - 86(cm)Handle height adjustment, 26.5(cm)Bag width, 16(cm)Bag depth, 35.5(cm)Bag height

Net Weight: 2.2kg


Product Description:

1. Anodized aluminum frame.

2. Because it can be operated using the side push method, it can be easily operated even with many items.

3. The 13L large-capacity refrigerated bag is easy to shop, and it is very convenient to use a storage bag with sufficient refrigerating specifications.

4. Removable shopping bag, you can also take the bag out of the car and use it as a carry-on bag, suitable for hand and shoulder bags.

5. Easy to open, the bag is designed to be covered, it can be easily opened and closed with one hand, and the large opening is convenient for taking out or putting items.

6. Easy-to-operate handle brakes and parking locks for easy brake operation so you can go downhill while controlling the speed.

7. You can lock the handbrake while pulling it.

8. Swinging casters around 11cm can smoothly perform direction change and handle operation.

9. Both left-handed and right-handed users can use it. You can grab the handle from the left or right side and change the position of the shopping bag by changing the left and right of the fixed frame.

10. 5-stage adjustment handle (70, 74, 78, 82, 86cm), which can be adjusted to the appropriate height according to the user's height.

11. According to the road condition, the rotation angle of the caster can be switched in two steps (fixed, 45° left and right).

12. Available in pink and black patterns.

13. Japanese brand.

HKD $1,701

Length 38.5cm
Width 22.5cm
Adjustable Handrail Height 58.5 - 86cm
Bag width 26.5cm
Bag depth 16cm
Bag height 35.5cm
Net Weight 2.2kg

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