Large-capacity shopping cart (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 47(cm)Length, 59.5(cm)Width, 82.5 - 86.5(cm)Handle height adjustment, 30(cm)Seat width, 26(cm)Seat depth, 43.5(cm)Seat height

Net Weight: 4.3kg

Weight Capacity: 80kg


Product Description:

1. The body is made of the aluminum frame.

2. One-button button for easy seat switching.

3. The front wheel has a diameter of 13cm and the rear wheel is 15cm.

4. Use a large-capacity package with refrigerated specifications for easy shopping and a capacity of 13L.

5. Store small items in the pocket, easy to put in and take out, easy to store small items.

6. The manual brake can be operated easily so that you can go downhill while controlling the speed of the vehicle and use the parking lock when the hand brake is pressed down.

7. 3-stage adjustment handle (82.5, 84.5, 86.5cm), which can be adjusted according to the height of the user.

8. According to the road condition, the rotation angle of the caster can be switched in two steps (fixed, 65° left and right).

9. When the folding lever is pulled up, the body can be folded and folded to a width of 40 cm.

10. Available in blue and pink.

11. Japanese brand.

HKD $1,782

Length 47cm
Width 59.5cm
Adjustable Handrail Height 82.5 - 86.5cm
Seat Width 30cm
Seat to ground height 43.5cm
Seat Depth 26cm
Net Weight 4.3kg
Weight Capacity 80kg

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