Lightweight large-capacity shopping cart (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 43(cm)Length, 52(cm)Width, 85 - 91(cm)Handle height adjustment, 31(cm)Seat width, 24(cm)Seat depth, 44(cm)Seat height

Net Weight: 3.8kg

Weight Capacity: 80kg


Product Description:

1. The body is made of aluminum frame.

2. Synthetic rubber handle, polyester surface.

3. Small body design, combining light weight and large capacity storage, 3.8kg and 5L capacity.

4. One-touch seat, if you pull down the front shopping bag, you can easily switch to a stool, the seat and backrest are waterproof.

5. Rotate the casters with a rotation angle of 3WAY. According to the road surface condition, the rotation angle of the casters can be switched in three steps (fixed, left and right 45°, 360°).

6. The casters will not get stuck in the grooves and can run smoothly, even in curves and narrow places, so you can drive stably.

7. 15cm polypropylene / EVA resin wheel.

8. When the folding lever is pulled up, the body can be folded and folded to a width of 30.5 cm.

9. Manually brake the brakes so that you are downhill while controlling the speed of the vehicle and the drum brakes are used to prevent tire wear.

10. When the manual brake is pressed down, the parking lock can be activated.

11. 3-stage adjustment handle (85, 88, 91cm), which can be adjusted to the appropriate height according to the user's height.

12. The foot design is wide and the spacious space makes it difficult for the user to control the foot when controlling.

13. Available in pink and green.

14. Japanese brand.

HKD $2,187

Length 43cm
Width 52cm
Adjustable Handrail Height 85 - 91cm
Seat Width 31cm
Seat to ground height 44cm
Seat Depth 24cm
Net Weight 3.8kg
Weight Capacity 80kg

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