Compact Shopping Cart (Parallel Import)

Compact shopping cart 

Product Size: 52(cm)Depth, 40.5(cm)Width, 80 - 89(cm)Height adjustment, 27(cm)Seat Width, 22(cm)Seat Depth, 43(cm)Seat Height

Net Weight: 3.7KG

Weight Capacity: 80KG


Product Description:

1. Aluminum alloy, EVA, steel, PP material.

2. Lightweight, compact and easy to carry, the shopping basket can be fixed on the bottom of the seat.

3. Easy to walk in narrow places and easy to carry on the bus and subway.

4. Very suitable size, easy to use for walking and shopping.

5. The height of the handle has a 4-stage adjustment, and the user can adjust it according to his or her own suitable height.

6. Foldable, only 28cm wide after folding, easy to store and store.

7. Use 2 WAY casters to rotate 360 ​​degrees and make small rotations in narrow places.

8. It is equipped with a back pad, backrest, seat cushion, handbrake, cane and parasol to fit the needs of life.

9. The surface of the shopping cart is waterproof.

10. The shopping bag has a capacity of 11.5L (loading capacity is about 5KG).

11. The front and rear wheels are 14 cm in diameter.

12. Japanese brand.


HKD $1,920

Width 40.5cm
Depth 52cm
Seat Width 27cm
Seat Height 43cm
Seat Depth 22cm
Net Weight Shopping cart: 3.7KG
Weight Capacity 80KG

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