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Walking assisted shopping cart (Parallel import)


Product Size: 66(cm)Length, 50.5(cm)Width, 83 - 89.5(cm)Height Adjustment, 37 (cm)Seat Width, 30(cm)Seat Depth, 45.5(cm)Seat Height

Net Weight: 6.0KG

Weight Capacity: 100KG


Product Description:

1. The body is made of an aluminum frame.

2. The wide seat design allows the user to sit comfortably.

3. 83 - 89.5cm (without stage adjustment height).

4. The wheel diameter is 17cm.

5. Fixed straight-line walking function, which can also walk straight on the uneven road surface.

6. Fix the left and right swing function, which can be fixed at 45° for swinging left and right.

7. 360° rotation function, which can rotate in a small space.

8. The thick and firm seat will not feel pain even if you sit for a long time.

9. Foldable, 26cm width after folding.

10. Available in blue color.

11. A shopping bag (30+9L capacity) is available.

12. Made in Japan.

HKD $1,699

Length 66cm
Width 50.5cm
Volume 30+9L
Adjustable Height 83 - 89.5cm
Seat Width 37cm
Seat Height 45.5cm
Folding thickness 26cm
Seat Depth 30cm
Wheel diameter 17cm
Net Weight 6KG
Weight Capacity 100KG

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