Rotatable bath chair (Parallel import) View larger

Rotatable bath chair (Parallel import)

Product Size: 59(cm)Length, 47(cm)Width, 38.5 - 46.5(cm)Seat height adjustment, 84.5 - 92.5(cm)Height adjustment

Net Weight: 9kg

Weight Capacity: 80kg


Product Description:

1. Powder coated aluminum, stainless steel body.

2. EVA seat, nylon mesh back plate.

3. Easily adjust the height, and the height adjustment screw under the seat can be adjusted in 5 stages (2cm pitch).

4. Adjust the tension of the back panel, and the back panel can change the tension with the Velcro according to the physical condition. You can also remove it and clean it.

5. The seat can be rotated 360 degrees (locked every 45 degrees), making it easy to clean even in small bathrooms.

6. The handrails are located on the left and right sides for easy transfer to the bathtub.

7. The seat can be easily removed and cleaned so it can be reused.

8. Available in O-shape, U-shape, and general seat cushion options.

9. Made in Japan.

HKD $4,067

Length 59cm
Width 47cm
Adjustable Height 84.5 - 92.5cm
Seat Height Adjustment 38.5 - 46.5cm
Net Weight 9kg
Weight Capacity 80kg

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