Auxiliary chair for bathtub (Parallel import) View larger

Auxiliary chair for bathtub (Parallel import)


Product Size: 80 - 125(cm)Length adjustment, 55(cm)Width, 80 - 105(cm)Height Adjustment, 0 - 45(cm)Step Height Adjustment

Net Weight: 29kg

Weight Capacity: 150kg


Product Description:

1. Bathtubs are used in the middle baths of nursing homes for slopes and lift baths.

2. This is a bathing auxiliary lift with a lifting function that allows the bather to enter the bathtub when sitting down.

3. It can be used for bath care like a traditional shower chair.

4. Easy to use, when you step on the pedal and grab the lever, even a helper or machine that is not good at the first time can easily use it.

5. Because there is no need to take off the seat, the pressure and burden on helpers and bathers are greatly reduced.

6. When the lock lever is released from the hand, the seat is fixed at a height, also can be adjusted stepless for different users.

7. The hips are pressed against the floor and the waist is firmly attached to the seat, eliminating the anxiety during bathing.

8. Because the upper body is surrounded by the armrest, the bather can seep through his shoulders.

9. Made in Japan.

HKD $59,500

Width 55cm
Adjustable Length 80 -125cm
Adjustable Height 80 - 105cm
Adjustable Pedal Height 0 - 45cm
Net Weight 29kg
Weight Capacity 150kg

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