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U-shaped bath chair

Product Size: Seat height: 330-432mm, seat width: 406mm, seat depth: 381mm

Net Weight: 2.8kg

Weight capacity: 113kg


Product Description:

1. Aluminum alloy body bracket for better oxidation resistance.

2. U-shaped groove, because it can be cleaned when sitting down, it can not only prevent the user from falling but also help the person does not need to support the body, reducing the burden.

3. Seat height adjustable for adults and children.

4. Non-slip mats for enhanced anti-slip function.

5. There is also a design with no backrest to choose from.

6. Taiwan Brand.

HKD $580

Length 53cm
Width 49cm
Adjustable Height 66 - 76cm
Seat Width 40cm
Seat Height Adjustment 34/36.5/39/41.5/44cm
Seat Depth 37cm
Net Weight 2.8kg / 2.3kg
Weight Capacity 100kg

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