Folding bath chair (Parallel import)

Product Size: 46 (cm) wide, 45 - 53 (cm) deep, 64 - 74 (cm) high, 33 - 43 (cm) seat height

Net Weight: 4.1kg


Product Description:

1. Polyethylene seat, elastomer resin grip, polypropylene, synthetic rubber mat, EVA resin cushion, aluminum alloy tubing.

2. Take a bath in a comfortable position, and the user can clean the butt while sitting down to reduce the burden of care.

3. U-shaped groove, because it can be cleaned when sitting down, it can not only prevent the user from falling but also help the person does not need to support the body, reducing the burden.

4. The body will warm up during bathing and may cause bowel movements, but even on the U-shaped lower surface, it is unlikely to soil the seat surface and the floor.

5. The center part of the small U-shaped groove is designed to be easy to fall even if it is used by a small person.

6. It can be folded when not in use. It has a width of 19 cm after folding and is convenient for storage.

7. There are cushions that meet the antibacterial treatment specifications.

8. Made in Japan.

HKD $2,996

Width 46cm
Adjustable Height 64 - 74cm
Adjustable Depth 45 - 53cm
Seat Height Adjustment 33 - 43cm
Net Weight 4.1kg

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