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U Shape Reclining Chair (Parallel import)


Product size: Width 52 cm, Depth 111 (157.5) cm, Height 123 (85.5) cm, Seat width (elbow - elbow) 42.5 cm

Board depth 41 (41) cm, From elbow to front seat 23 (20) cm, Front seat height* 46 (53) cm,

From the open seat to the foot 43.5 (37) cm, Depth (no footstool) 83.5 (127) cm, Rear reclining angle 105° to 157°

Front wheel casters 5 inches Rear wheel casters 10 inches

Net weight: 22 kg

Capacity: 100 kg

Product description:

1. Body/aluminum, stainless steel, synthetic resin molding , Board / EVA , Tire / natural rubber, PU (foaming)

2. Hold the reclining lever under the par handle, and fold the backrest.

3. The backrest can be adjusted steplessly between 105 - 157 degree.

4. The footrest will rise in tandem.

5. It is possible to disperse the body pressure applied to the seat, and it will be easier to transfer the person who cannot hold a sitting position.

6. You can adjust the back and legs individually.

7. While reclining, it will be 7 cm higher while moving forward, so it will be easier to care.

8. Easy to operate moveable handle as you can change the direction of the handle so that is easy to operate while reclining when traveling, it is safe to operate the movement at the time of reclining. It is an easy operation that only changes.

9. Gas cylinder employed in the women reclining are you can comfortably.

10. Lifting specifications convenient for transfer. You can perform lateral transfer and assistance easily by raising the armrest.

11. In addition, the foot plate can also be flipped to the side and rotated backward, which is convenient for getting on and off.

12. Easy operation footrest can be detached. Footrest is easily removable with pin lock.

13. Leg support can be knocked back. By moving both the leg support and the foot plate back, it does not get in the way when getting on and off.

14. As the shopper is attached, one touch lock can be performed with one foot. Because the stopper is attached you can use it more safely.

15.No need to worry about punctures with no punk tires. There is no need for air filling and maintenance is not required.

16. Lock headrest supports the head firmly. Standard equipped headrest supports height, depth, angle adjustment supports head firmly when reclining.

17. Made in Japan.

HKD $15,942

Length 111 (157.5) cm
Width 50.5 cm
Height 123 (85.5) cm
Seat Width 42.5 cm
Seat Height 46 (53) cm
Seat Depth 41 ( 41) cm
Reclining angle 105° - 157°
Net Weight 22 kg
Weight Capacity 100 kg

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