Safety lock shower chair (with headrest) View larger

Reclining shower chair (with headrest) (Parallel import)

Product Size: 103(cm)Length, 49(cm)Width, 128 - 134(cm)Height, 44 - 50(cm)Seat Height

Net Weight: 16KG


Product Description:

1. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel with powder coating on the surface. More durable.
2. With adjustable height and angle headrest.
3. Quickly dry the backrest pad and drain quickly after encountering water.
4. U-shaped EVA soft cushion for the caregiver to clean the private parts for the user.
5. EVA soft cushion for added comfort.
6. Adjustable seat height.
7. One-touch press to adjust the seat back to tilt backward.
8. The double armrest can be turned back to facilitate the transfer of users.
9. Detachable and everted pedals are accessible.
10. Set the heel strap to prevent the heel from slipping behind.
11. Equipped with casters for easy movement.
12. Extra-wide rear wheel design to enhance the stability of the seat after tilting.
13. Front and rear wheels with locks, plus supporters.

14. O-type EVA soft cushions are available.
15. Made in Japan.

HKD $12,003

Length 103cm
Width 49cm
Adjustable Height 128 - 134cm
Seat Height Adjustment 44 - 50cm
Net Weight 16KG

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