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Luxurious Adjustable-Arm Shower Chair (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 66 - 71 (cm)Height adjustment, 51.5(cm)Width, 50-53(cm)Depth adjustment 
Net Weight: 3KG
Weight Capacity: 100KG


Product Description:
1. The seat and backrest are made of blown HDPE plastic.

2. EVA cushions are more comfortable.

3. Extra large reinforced rubber tips for better safety and stability.

4. Self-standing folding.

5. After folding, the volume is small and the width is only 24cm, which is convenient for storage.

6. Available in purple and green.

7. Japanese Brand.

More details

HKD $1,550

Width 51.5cm
Adjustable Height 66 - 71cm
Adjustable Depth 50 - 53cm
Net Weight 3KG
Weight Capacity 100KG

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