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Panasonic - Folding Shower Chair (Japan Parallel import)

Product Size: 40.5(cm) Width, 40 - 46.5(cm) Depth, 55 - 65(cm) Height, 31.5 -  
41.5(cm) Height adjustable 6-speed, 20(cm) Folding Thickness, 77 - 88(cm) Folding Height, 33(cm) Seat width
Net Weight: 4.1KG
Weight Capacity: 100KG


Product Description:
1. Aluminum alloy main frame, better anti-oxidation effect.
2. The seat back pad and armrest plus EVA resin synthetic glue are more comfortable and effective to relieve stress.
3. EVA cushion can be removed and cleaned.
4. The armrest can be turned upwards to facilitate the user's movement.
5. Can be folded to facilitate carrying and collection.
6. Adjustable height for adults and children.
7. Sucker pads, enhance anti-slip function.
8. Blue is also available for selection.
9. Japanese brand.

More details

HKD $2,650

Width 40.5cm
Height 55 - 65cm
Depth 40 - 46.5cm
Seat to ground height 31.5 - 41.5cm
Height after folding 77 - 88cm
Folding thickness 20cm
Net Weight 4.1KG
Weight Capacity 100KG

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