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Bathroom bath board


Product Size: Lenght:750mm x Width:260mm

Length adjustment: 460mm to 680mm

Net Weight: 3.4kg

Weight Capacity: 113kg


Product Description:

1. Polypropylene main body, fixed tool core, handle, elastic non-slip cap, fixed anti-slip, polyacetal skateboard, fixing screws.

2. Reduce the burden on the buttocks, round and easy to enter and exit.

3. It is easy to see the easy-grip handle even in steam.

4. It can be firmly fixed according to the inside of the bathtub.

5. You can install the anti-skid device inside the bathtub and fix it firmly, and it has a strong grip.

6. You are free to choose where to install the handle.

7. This is a simple design that is easy to clean.

8. Taiwan Brand.

HKD $499

Length 36cm
Width 74cm
Thickness 3.5cm
Net Weight 3.4kg
Weight Capacity 100kg

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