Four-wheeled rollator (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 50(cm)Width, 56(cm)Depth, 78.5 - 88(cm)Height adjustment, 34.5(cm)Seat width, 27(cm)Seat depth, 41(cm)Seat height

Net Weight: 5.9kg

Weight capacity: 100kg


Product description:

1. Aluminum composite frame, light, and portable.

2. Lever-type handle, when the user pulls the brake lever down, the rear wheel can be fixed, and you can continue walking when you press up.

3. With 4 stages (78.5 - 88cm) for height adjustment, suitable for people of different heights.

4. Small handle lever for comfortable operation.

5. The body is fully functional with an umbrella stand and storage bag.

6. Foldable, folded to 28.5cm wide for easy storage.

7. 14.5cm front and rear wheels.

8. 2WAY casters can set straight line and 120-degree rotation.

9. A shopping bag with a capacity of approximately 8L is available.

10. One-touch seat surface can be pulled down or closed on the seat surface with a one-touch operation during a short break.

11. Available in tartan brown, plaid blue, plaid blue white and black patterns to choose from.

12. Japanese brand.

HKD $2,638

Width 50cm
Depth 56cm
Adjustable Height 78.5 - 88cm
Seat Width 34.5cm
Seat to ground height 41cm
Seat Depth 27cm
Net Weight 5.9kg
Weight Capacity 100kg

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