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Barrier-free walking aid (Parallel import)

Product Size: 64.5(cm)Length, 51(cm)Width, 76 - 96(cm)Height adjustment, 30(cm)Seat width, 30(cm)Seat depth, 46(cm)Seat height

Net Weight: 8.8kg

Weight Capacity: 100kg

Capacity: 5L


Product Description:

1. Aluminum alloy pipe frame, light and durable.

2. Specially designed to easily overcome classes up to 5 cm.

3. The steps in the hallway and the room can be easily passed, such as the steps of the sidewalk and the driveway.

4. Move forward until the front wheel hits the step. When the front wheel hits the step, the slide moves forward. Just pull the grip back while pressing the brake, and the front wheel can cross the step.

5. One-touch height adjustment function, 7-stage height adjustment 76 - 96cm.

6. The handbrake and parking brake are combined into one, so you can easily lock the car.

7. Foldable, folded to 51cm wide for easy storage.

8. 20cm front wheel and 18cm rear wheel.

9. Available in mint green and orange.

10. Made in Japan.

HKD $6,048

Length 64.5cm
Width 51cm
Volume 5L
Adjustable Height 76 - 96cm
Seat Width 30cm
Seat Height 46cm
Seat Depth 30cm
Net Weight 8.8kg
Weight Capacity 100kg

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