COMFORT double handle walker

Product size: length 65 cm, width 57 cm, inner width 40 cm (grip left to right)

Seat height 48 cm, seat width 38 cm, seat depth 34 cm (included back rest)

Grip height adjustment 70 – 90 cm (M size), 81 – 101 cm (L size)

Net weight: 8 kg

Capacity: 110 kg


Product description:

1. Aluminum composite frame, light and portable.

2. The grip has 7 gears for height adjustment. Suitable for people of different heights

3. One-button brake button and push-down brake button. It can be used to brake the rim in different environments.

4. 4 wheels with 20 cm strong anti-skid wheels, easy to pass through various gaps.

5. The front wheel is a rotatable universal wheel. It is easier to pass when walking on the bumpy ground without lifting the body.

6. The surface of the seat cushion is made of resin and material, which is durable and comfortable.

7. One-touch folding construction. Easy to storage and place in the trunk.

8. The body can be easily turned 90° in a narrow environment of 26 cm on one side.

9. A front shopping bag is available for placement after shopping. (Size: width 36 cm, depth 23 cm, height 20 cm, capacity 5 kg).

10. The rear wheel is designed with a reduction knob to prevent the car from sliding down at a high speed when going downhill.

11. The product passed the Japanese JIS safety test.

12. Japanese brand (C.C.T Design)

HKD $2,380

Length 65cm
Width 59cm
Seat Height 48cm
Adjustable Handle Height 70 - 90cm(M size) / 81 - 101cm(L size)
Handrail Width 40cm
Net Weight 8KG
Weight Capacity 110KG

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