"Uniforce" Raised Toilet Seat w/o lid View larger

"Uniforce" Raised Toilet Seat w/o lid

Product size: Lenght: 407mm, Width: 369mm, Height: 152mm 

Weight Capacity: 136kg

Product description:

1. PP injection molding. Lightweight, all-plastic construction, for strength and durability, the seat has a gently contoured surface for extra comfort.

2. Anti-fouling and easy to clean.

3. Resistant to stains and odors, it is fully sealed and easy to clean.

4. The large front and rear cut-outs allow easier for personal to clean.

5. it has no front bracket, or front turning tubing knob, making fitting easier and reducing the risk of snagging skin or clothes.

6. It can reduce the magnitude of the user's sit and stand up and reduce the burden on the waist and feet.

7. Available with 2 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches options.

HKD $330

Length 407mm
Width 369mm
Seat Height 5.08cm, 10.16cm, 15.24cm
Weight Capacity 136kg

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