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M9 oxygen generator


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Product size: 43 (cm) long, 22.8 (cm) wide, 55.4 (cm) high
Net weight: 12KG
Running noise: <45db
Oxygen concentration: 93% +- 3%

Oxygen supply: 5L


Product description:

1. Light, compact and beautiful.

2. With innovative four-fold filtration technology, IMR oxygen system, French CECA imported four-tower patented molecular sieve, layer-by-layer filtration, from intake to adsorption separation, and then to oxygen, and then to the tank layer to filter step by step, oxygen Faster, thicker, and make oxygen purer.

3. France imports four-tower molecular sieves and the adsorption rate is twice that of ordinary molecular sieves.

4. Negative oxygen ion purification technology, the oxygen concentration is about 93% +- 3%, the maximum outlet pressure is about 47 +-10% kPa, and the higher efficiency of auxiliary oxygen absorption.

5. Honeycomb flow channel noise reduction technology creates a quiet sleeping environment with sounds as low as 45 decibels.

6. The flow is intelligently fine-tuned, and the oxygen flow can be fine-tuned by 0.1.

7. Unique 45°12 inch backlit LCD screen, comfortable to choose whether standing or sitting, suitable for the elderly with large characters.

8. 500 minutes of intelligent timing, can be set according to needs, the operation is more simple and convenient.

9. Multi-alarm system, when the machine fails, such as low oxygen, power interruption, high temperature of the machine, abnormal power supply voltage, etc. directly affect the user, the system will automatically give an alarm prompt to make oxygen more peace of mind.

10. The detachable built-in illuminating water tank solves the shortcomings of the built-in water tank that cannot be cleaned. It also solves the problem of water leakage protruding from the external water tank. The night vision illuminating function makes it easier to observe the water level.

11. Both the body and the remote control are equipped with a one-button SOS help pager, which is more secure when taking oxygen.

12. The wireless remote control can be worn through the wall (150 meters) and can be easily remotely controlled through the wall.

13. Intimate hand-held design and non-slip wheels, move freely.

14. American brand.

HKD $5,800

Length 43cm
Width 22.8cm
Height 55.4cm
Net Weight 12KG

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