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RA-LP05 Oxygen Generator (available for purchase or rental)


Product size: 450mm x 300mm x 550mm  

Net weight: 16.5kg


*Medical grade 5-liter oxygen generator.

*Lithium molecular sieve imported from France has high oxygen production efficiency.

* Patented condensate drainage design, long service life.

*Top compressor, stable oxygen supply.

*Removable luminous water tank, air nozzle to protect the net function.

*12-level intelligent warning, crafted in detail.

*Low oxygen concentration alarm, emergency SOS call button. 

*Oxygen supply can be adjusted from 1-5 liters per minute according to actual needs.

*Inlet muffler filter and nitrogen exhaust muffler box, the noise is less than 60 decibels.

*Oxygen concentration ≧93%.

*Obtained IS0, CE, FDA, American UL, ETL International Certifications, and China 3C certification. The choice of confidence.

*Have a number of domestic patented technologies.

*Made in China.

*3 years warranty.

More details

HKD $9,980

Length 450mm
Width 300mm
Height 550mm
Volume 5Liter
Net Weight 16.5kg

This oxygen generator is available for rental, please call 3521 6518 for details.

oxygen generator is available for rental, please call 3521 65 des.

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