Auxiliary Bed (Japan Parallel Import)


Product Size:

Length 196cm x Width 100cm x Height 40cm (including mattress 49.5cm)

product description:

1, Multi-layer volume pad

By combining materials with different characteristics, appropriate cushioning, breathability and 
durability are obtained. By using special-shaped polyurethane in the center, smooth folding can be achieved. 2, Eliminate joints, sleep comfortably By eliminating the joints of the mattress, the discomfort around the waist is eliminated and the
dispersion of body pressure is improved. 3. 42-speed gear tilt of the backrest The backrest can be tilted 42 steps, up to 82 degrees. 4, side grip With side handles, it is convenient to prevent the bedding from slipping and to support it during storage and movement. It also helps when storing the bed. 5. Compact storage cabinets and casters The bed can be stored compactly. Equipped with one-way casters for smooth movement.
You can move on with the bedding open. With caster flying saucer, it can be used safely when using the bed.

HKD $4,380

Length 196cm
Width 100cm
Height 49.5cm

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