Men's Acupressure Slippers (Parallel import)

Product Size: 25 - 27(cm)Length, 11(cm)Width

Net Weight: 250g (A pair)


Product Description:

1. Polyester material.

2. Every time you walk, it feels like massaging your legs.

3. Use your own weight to stimulate the soles of your feet in your daily life.

4. Unlike traditional health-care slippers that stress the entire sole by reducing the pressure point, focus on specific areas of concern for acupressure.

5. Orange is the shape of the legs, green is the person who regularly drinks, and blue is the person who often needs to talk.

6. The mesh material is well ventilated.

7. Developed in conjunction with foot experts to match the needs of different users and provide suitable acupressure.

8. Available in orange, green and blue.

9. For men only.

10. Japanese brand.

HKD $131

Length 25 - 27cm
Width 11cm
Net Weight 250g

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