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Wrist hand guard (Parallel import)

Product Size: 37(cm)Length, 8.5(cm)Width, 0.7(cm)Thickness

Net Weight: 45g


Product Description:

1. The material is polyester, nylon, rayon, polyurethane, polypropylene nylon.

2. Exercise-induced anxiety and wrist anxiety are firmly fixed by magic glue.

3. The wrist is fastened by winding the wrist to provide high protection.

4. In golf and other sports, only use the hook and loop to fasten and wrap to prevent hand fatigue, and prevent fatigue during long hours and excessive work.

5. Available in black and beige.

6. Made in Japan.

HKD $140

Length 37cm
Width 8.5cm
Thickness 0.7cm
Net Weight 45g

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