Bottled drink auxiliary handle (Parallel import) View larger

Bottled drink auxiliary handle (Parallel import)


Product Size: 13.2(cm)Width, 6(cm)Depth, 23.5(cm)Height


Product Description:

1. Polypropylene handle, 矽 rubber belt, ABS resin belt clip.

2. It is a handle that makes it easy to hold the plastic bottle, making it easy to pour.

3. It can be used in almost all plastic beverage bottles (500mL-2L).

4. Secure the bottle and handle securely with a large handle 矽 tape that is easy to hold.

5. Simple operation, light and durable.

6. You can easily pick up the bottle with one hand.

7. For those who have difficulty grabbing the bottle, it is easy to pick up after using the product.

8. The heat-resistant temperature is 100 degrees for the handle, 140 degrees for the belt, and 70 degrees for the belt clip.

9. Insert the handle firmly into the plastic bottleneck so that the handle is on the short side of the bottle.

10. While stretching the belt, wrap the belt around the bottle and insert the hole in the bottom of the handle into the raised portion of the handle to secure it.

11. Secure the remaining belt with the belt clip.

12. Japanese brand.

HKD $176

Width 13.2cm
Height 23.5cm
Depth 6cm

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