Liquid food coagulant (Parallel import)

Capacity: 2.5g x50 / 500g / 2kg


Product Description:

1. We believe that retaining five important elements in a balanced manner is a good product for those who care (users) and caregivers (diners).

2. A small amount quickly thickens.

3. Versatile and easy to add to anything.

4. It does not change the taste of the food.

5. The thickness is very fast, and in the case of tea, it will thicken in about 30 seconds.

6. Work efficiency increases because you can immediately turn to dietary assistance.

7. Due to its excellent stability, extreme viscosity changes do not occur due to changes.

8. Less rigid than standard solid conditioning foods.

9. It has small viscosity and can be adjusted to the physical properties of the coagulation force.

10. The taste will not be affected after the food changes shape.

11. Protein-rich foods (such as milk and concentrated liquid foods) and acidic foods (such as 100% juice), which used to be a clear type of weakness, will soon be ingested in small quantities.

12. Two ways to use, while adding the beverage, add it little by little.

13. Or put the product in a dry container and pour the beverage.

14. Energy:267kcal/100g

15. Made in Japan.

HKD $93

Volume 2.5g x 50 / 500g / 2kg

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