Lifting Cushion


Patented technology combining hydraulic cylinder with two coil springs to provide instant effortless lifting.

Indication label for setting lifting force for different bodyweight users.

Strap with locking knob to keep the cushion in close position for easy transportation.

Memory foam seat cushion provides comfort and support to user weight up to 300lb.

Removable cushion cover for easy cleaning.

Cushion cover with a water repellent to enhance drainage and stain resistance.

Cushion base has non-slip material and a carrying handle.

This cushion is specialized for a person who has leg muscles degenerated or wounded and could not stand up from sitting position.

The Cushion is patented with a dual push up design. The first mechanism uses two coil springs, the second is a hydraulic rod.

This product is divided into three versions

Heavy version: suitable for weighing 190 pounds or more

Standard version: suitable for weight 110-180 pounds

Lightweight version: suitable for weighing less than 100 pounds

HKD $880

Seat Length 400mm
Seat Width 400mm
Seat Height 160mm
Weight Capacity 135 kg