PITA cushion with ventilation cushion cover (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 40 Length x 40 Width x 3.5 Thickness (cm) / 60 Length x 60 Width x 5.5 Thickness (cm) / 75 Length x 75 Width x 7 Thickness (cm)

Net Weight: 1.1kg / 1.2kg / 2.2kg


Product Description:

1. Polyester cushion cover, thermoplastic elastomer (55) + polyurethane foam.

2. Pita Seat Cushion 35 The PT001 gel breathable cover is a PITA cushion that is completely different in material and shape from the low resilience polyurethane foam.

3. Achieve the highest level of sitting comfort in history.

4. The surface is recessed to follow the shape of the thighs and buttocks.

5. Lightweight and easy to carry.

6. Not only for wheelchair users, but also for desks, home leisure, and car cushions... can be used in a variety of situations.

7. You won't feel tired when you sit for a long time.

8. Does not harden, does not soften, even if the temperature changes, it will not change the hardness.

9. It can be washed with water, which is good for ozone disinfection and always clean.

10. Excellent durability and low wear resistance (80,000 compression test: 0.1% deformation).

11. Economic rationality is very beneficial in terms of cost-effectiveness and durability.

12. Available in 35 / 55 / 70cm three sizes, according to the needs of users.

13. 35cm: Gel part (single layer) for those who want to use a soft chair such as a sofa.

14. 55cm: Gel part (including polyurethane) for those who want to use a hard chair like a bench.

15. 70cm: The gel part (including 2 layers) is recommended for people with prominent bones and heavyweight, without lateral blurring and excellent body pressure dispersion.

16. Available in black, blue, orange, and pink.

17. Made in Japan.

HKD $731

Length 40cm / 60cm / 75cm
Width 40cm / 60cm / 75cm
Thickness 3.5cm / 5.5cm / 7cm
Net Weight 1.1kg / 1.2kg / 2.2kg

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