Seat / Wheelchair cushion (Parallel import) View larger

Seat / Wheelchair cushion (Parallel import)

Product Size: 47(cm)Length, 42(cm)Backrest Height, 47(cm)Backrest Width

Net Weight: 2kg


Product Description:

1. PVC leather material.

2. There is no need for troublesome adjustments because its sides and back are integral, so you can freely set its position.

3. Support the body from both sides and back, and keep sitting for a long time.

4. It is the best cushion for children and the elderly with weak upper body support.

5. By placing it in different orientations, you can use it as a cushion and you can increase the seat height by about 5 cm.

6. Alcohol resistant, resistant to hypochlorous acid.

7. Multi-functional mat for standard size nursing chairs.

8. Available in pink, green and beige.

9. Made in Japan.

HKD $1,540

Length 47cm
Backrest Width 47cm
Backrest Height 42cm
Net Weight 2kg

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