Buffer cushion (Parallel import) View larger

Buffer cushion (Parallel import)

Product Size: 38(cm)Length / 40(cm)Length, 38(cm)Width / 40(cm)Width, 8(cm) Height


Product Description:

1. Polyester cushion cover, polyurethane foam body.

2. Seat support combined with self-expanding air cushion and special foam.

3. By adjusting, you can easily lower the seat cushion to the optimal pressure for everyone.

4. In addition to the special foam, the pressure dispersion effect and sitting ability of the ischial bone is significantly improved.

5. The outer layer material is a combination of mesh fabric and air filter that releases heat and moisture from the surface of the mat and always inputs fresh air.

6. The “shape” of each person can be adjusted by the simple operation of the pressure regulating valve connected to the mat.

7. A slightly stiffer foam stabilizes the pelvis to the correct position and prevents pre-slip.

8. By keeping the internal foam in close contact with the surface fabric, the seat retention is further improved and the fit is increased even for sports and other strenuous exercises.

9. Because the fabric is elastic, it can prevent wrinkles and kinks.

10. Made in Japan.

HKD $3,344

Length 38cm / 40cm
Width 38cm / 40cm
Height 8cm

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