Wheelchair cushion with siren (Parallel import) View larger

Wheelchair cushion with siren (Parallel import)


Product Size: Seat Cushion: 30.5(cm)Length, 38.2(cm)Width, 0.65(cm)Thickness / Pager: 12(cm)Length, 6(cm)Width, 2.5(cm)Thickness

Net Weight: Seat Cushion: 220g / Pager: 113g


Product Description:

1. Place the chair sensor pad on the wheelchair seat.

2. The alert melody will notify you when the user tries to get up from the wheelchair.

3. Stop when you sit down.

4. The pager can be used with 2 AAA dry batteries.

5. Made in Japan.

HKD $3,422

Length Cushion: 30.5cm / Pager: 12cm
Width Cushion: 38.2cm / Pager: 6cm
Thickness Cushion: 0.65cm / Pager: 2.5cm
Net Weight Cushion: 220g / Pager: 113g

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