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D-type chair backrest cushion (Parallel import)


Product Size: 31(cm)Length, 52(cm)Width, 6(cm)Thickness

Net Weight: 370g


Product Description:

1. Polyurethane foam content, polyester back cover.

2. A mix of air and foam.

3. You can adjust the shape that suits you in the left and right air chambers.

4. Use the special design of D-WING BACK.

5. Back pain prevention and improvement.

6. Prevent and improve hunchback.

7. Prevent eating when you are eating, because the elderly are weakened by the whimper.

8. You will not feel uncomfortable after using it for a long time.

9. By adjusting the air, different settings such as active posture and comfortable posture can be performed.

10. It is lightweight and can be placed on any chair (wheelchair, dining chair, car seat, etc.).

11. Japanese brand.

HKD $934

Length 31cm
Width 52cm
Thickness 6cm
Net Weight 370g

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