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Adjusting seat cushion for wheelchair (Parallel import)


Product Size: 40(cm)Length, 40(cm)Width, 4.5(cm)Thickness

Net Weight: 660g


Product Description:

1. The material is polyester cushion cover and PU synthetic rubber inner layer.

2. The thin and sturdy seat has a pressure dispersion effect.

3. The lower foam supports the body and the upper gel disperses the pressure

4. The hip structure supports posture.

5. It reduces the pain caused by stuffiness and sitting.

6. The anti-vibration bar of the buttocks moderates the movement of the entire gel portion.

7. The gel of the thigh plate stabilizes the posture of the body.

8. The two-layer structure is extremely versatile.

9. A 5-degree tilt angle is designed on the knee to reduce the movement and pressure of the foot.

10. The bottom is provided with anti-slip treatment.

11. The cushion cover is waterproof.

12. Japanese brand.

HKD $1,011

Length 40cm
Width 40cm
Thickness 4.5cm
Net Weight 660g

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