Return policy and terms:

1. Within 7 days after receiving the goods (from the date of receipt), if you find that the product has quality problems and needs to be returned, please contact us by email and take photos for our archive reference.

2. There may be a slight color deviation between the picture and the actual product and the company will not accept the customer to return the product.

3. If you have contacted us after 7 days of receiving the goods, R & A Innovation has the right to refuse.

4. If the customer does not have any application for return of the goods within 7 days, the company will not be liable for any legal responsibilities and will not arrange for any replacement of the goods.

5. The original box must be kept when the product is returned, and returned together with all accessories.

6. We will not accept returns for items that have been opened or used.

7. Return the relevant gifts when returning.

8. There is no refund service for all goods sold.

9. All products are not subject to change without any quality problems.

10. In case of any dispute, R & A Innovation reserves the right to make the final decision.