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Aluminum reclining toilet seat


Product Size:

(Length) 1090mm x (Width) 550mm x (Height) 1140mm

Seat height: 516mm Seat area: 395 x 460mm

Maximum load: 136kg

Net weight: 14.5kg


Product Description:

*Aluminum alloy mainframe, light and durable

*PU armrest, backrest, seat cushion, headrest

*Removable long commode with lid for easy cleaning

*Removable and foldable foot pedal, which is convenient for users to get on and off

*The armrest can be turned back, which is convenient for the user to transfer from left to right

*With front right-angle quick-release armrests, users can assemble and disassemble according to personal needs

*The gas spring adjusts the back angle of the mainframe

*The seat angle can be adjusted, the adjustment angle is 97-125°

*Adjustable height and angle headrest

*Equipped with 5-inches lock casters front and rear

*Convenient for the caregiver to use the lift to transfer the patient to the bathing commode

*The whole chair can be cleaned with water


HKD $4,680

Length 1090mm
Width 550mm
Height 1140mm
Seat Width 395 x 460mm
Seat Height 516mm
Overall Tilt of the body 97 - 125°
Net Weight 14.5kg
Weight Capacity 136kg

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