"Fuji Home" Telescopic leather crutch (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 12.5(cm)Handle length, 73 - 95.5(cm)Adjustable height, 4(cm)Base width

Net Weight: 370g


Product Description:

1. High-quality aluminum alloy pipe and leather-wrapped surface, which highlights the luxury and deep feeling.

2. Aluminum and elastomer grips, exquisite grip design.

3. This grip design can grip the grip from different directions on both sides and stabilize the grip shape.

4. The resin cover can be hung on the table surface without the use of the resin cover.

5. Non-slip rubber feet for safe walking on wet roads and slippery areas.

6. Height adjustable, 73 - 95.5cm (2.5cm pitch).

7. The grip has a diameter of 20 mm and the cane has a diameter of 16 mm.

8. Japanese brand.

HKD $1,276

Adjustable Height 73 - 95.5cm
Base Width 4cm
Handrail Width 12.5cm
Net Weight 370g

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