"Welfan" Telescopic basic crutch (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 13(cm)Handle length, 70.5 - 90.5(cm)Adjustable height, 3.8(cm)Base width

Net Weight: 320g


Product Description:

1. High-quality aluminum alloy pipe.

2. Height adjustable, 70.5 - 90.5cm (2cm pitch).

3. The length of the grip is 13cm and the width of the base is 3.8cm.

4. The grip has a diameter of 22 mm and the cane has a diameter of 19 mm.

5. Includes replacement rubber feet for long-term use.

6. Even if you hold it for a long time, your fingers won't feel pain.

7. The handle is designed to be easy to grip and easy to use.

8. Available in black, brown, royal brown and navy blue.

9. Made in Japan.

HKD $341

Adjustable Height 70.5 - 90.5cm
Base Width 3.8cm
Handrail Width 13cm
Net Weight 320g

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