"Welfan" Telescopic slim crutch (Parallel import)

Product Size: 12(cm)Handle Length, 71 - 91(cm)Adjustable Height, 3(cm)Base Width

Net Weight: 250g


Product Description:

1.High-quality aluminum alloy pipe.

2. Height adjustable, 71 - 91cm (2cm pitch).

3. The length of the grip is 12cm and the width of the base is 3cm.

4. The grip has a diameter of 19 mm and the cane has a diameter of 16 mm.

5. The body is thin, lightweight and portable.

6. Even if you hold it for a long time, your fingers won't feel pain.

7. Available in black, brown, royal brown and navy blue.

8. Made in Japan.

HKD $335

Adjustable Height 71 - 91cm
Base Width 3cm
Handrail Width 12cm
Net Weight 250G

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