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"C.C.T" Household electric model bed


Product size: 201 (cm) length, 99.5 (cm) depth, 68 - 103 (cm) height, 25 - 60 (cm) bed to floor height (without mattress), 0 - 70 ° back Adjustment angle, 0 - 32° knee adjustment angle, 4 (cm) movement of the head side when lifting, 11 (cm) movement of the foot side when lifting, 2.5 (mm/sec) lifting speed

Net weight: 88KG

Recommended size for mattress: 90 - 91 (cm) wide, 191 (cm) length


Product description:
1. The back of the bed is up, the foot of the bed is up, and the height adjustment can be done separately.

2. The model bed can be upgraded according to the needs of different users.

3. It has a double-retracting pulley function to reduce the pressure on the abdominal compression.

4. Simply choose a mountain lift (sitting comfortably) and a horizontal lift leg (a person with leg joint injuries and swollen feet).

5. Peace of mind low floor design, 25 cm from the ground, even if you accidentally roll off the floor from the bed, you can reduce the risk of injury and reduce the impact. 

6. Even in the event of a power outage, the drop function can be used to install two 9 volt batteries.

7. Safety-enhanced side rails with a third leg attached to the side rails to reduce the hum of the touch.

8. Use a manual switch with a safety pin to prevent accidental operation by the user. By removing the safety pin on the remote control, the remote control of the remote control can be stopped.

9. There are multiple locations where you can place the guardrail position to your liking. 

10. Choose high-quality solid wood head board and foot board for more elegance.

11. With fast safety and triviality. The head board and the foot board can be quickly removed in an emergency.

12. Easy to use without any installation tools.

13. Japanese CCT brand

HKD $26,800

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