Triple support belt (Parallel Import) View larger

Triple support belt (Parallel Import)

Product Size: S(58 - 78cm), M(68 - 88cm), L(78 - 98cm), 2L(88 - 108cm)


Product Description:

1. The product is made of nylon and polyurethane.

2. For those who are worried about the waist and seek higher stability.

3. For those with chronic lumbosacral problems caused by pelvic distortion and muscle weakness.

4. A person who feels uncomfortable because of insufficient strength in the muscles of the legs and buttocks, staggered feet or tiredness.

5. Suitable for those who want to maintain a beautiful posture and improve their performance in sports and daily life.

6. Secure with three straps to increase waist stability.

7. Lightweight, breathable, pursuing “fixed strength” and “comfortable wearing comfort”.

8. Ultra-thin, lightweight, breathable and comfortable for long periods of time.

9. By using sorbose on the inside of the hard-supported lumbar cartilage, we achieved unprecedented fit and support.

10. Made in Japan.

HKD $499

Size S / M / L / 2L

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