9" charcoal back pain protection belt View larger

9" charcoal back pain protection belt

Product Size:

S: 55 - 72cm
M: 68 - 84cm
L: 81 - 97cm
XL: 93 - 110cm
XXL: 106 - 122cm

Product Description:
1. The outer strap can produce three-point support effect and improve the stability of the trunk.
2. The back four aluminum support bars are designed according to the curvature of the human body, so that the back muscles and the weakened spine can be maintained in good positions to achieve muscle relaxation and pain relief.
3. The bendable properties of the steel bar can be adjusted according to the individual needs of the waist curve during wear, and can also adjust the curvature of the support according to different adjustments, and gradually adjust the curvature of the spine to normal. The even and tight coating can make Nylon bamboo charcoal contained in the yarn is affected by far-infrared elements of negative ions, and body surface temperature is increased to promote site circulation.
4. Optimization of the internal circulation can relieve joint fatigue and soreness.
5. Made in Taiwan.

HKD $309

Length 1005 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 260 mm
Net Weight 520 g